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Physical property testing instrument and equipment

Optical instruments and equipment

Measuring instruments

Particle size analyzer
Thermal analysis instrument
Rheometer / Viscometer
Testing machine

Surface physical property test
Thickness gauge

Test equipment for mechanical properties of materials
Nondestructive testing instrument
Other instruments and equipment

Electron microscope
Optical microscope
Optical measuring instrument
Optical experimental equipment
Optical imaging equipment

Balance / Scales
Temperature measuring instrument
Length measuring instrument
Surface measuring instrument
Other measuring instruments




Chemical analysis instrument

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory service

Light spectrum
Mass spectrum
X ray apparatus
Element analyzer
LIMS\LIMS\ Software

Other general analytical instruments

Cleaning / disinfection equipment
Sample preparation / digestion equipment
Separation / extraction equipment
Mixing / dispersing equipment
Constant temperature / heating / drying equipment
Crushing equipment

Synthesis / reaction equipment

Refrigeration equipment

Laboratory furniture

Other common laboratory equipment

Instrument installation and commissioning
Technical consultation
Authentication calibration
Software development
Data processing




Material technology and equipment

Chemical reagents and reference materials

Scientific and technological publications

Experimental electric furnace
Small plastic machinery
Laser equipment
3D打印3D printing


Industry website

Media information




Relevant parts and consumables




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