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Steady market growth and long-term prosperity

With the strong support of the state and the unremitting efforts of material researchers, the level of material research in China has been continuously improved, especially in the field of new materials. As one of the three key technologies in the 21st century, new materials are the foundation and forerunner of the development of high and new technologies, and have become the source of the rapid growth of the global economy.

In 2018, China invested 1965.7 billion yuan in scientific research, 11.6% higher than the previous year, ranking second in the world.

The Yangtze River Delta, with Shanghai as the center, accounts for more than 24% of the country's total economic output, and the overall investment in scientific research is more than 700 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 13%.

Material analysis and collection in Pudong

With the rapid development of China's economy, with the upgrading of the national strategy, material research as the leader of economic development, the market demand in the field of material analysis and laboratory equipment technology will increase significantly. As a benchmark exhibition platform in the field of material research in China, ciamite exhibition gathers more than 220 domestic and foreign well-known brands to participate. In 2019, it held a series of exhibitions in Chengdu covering an area of more than 12000 square meters, receiving more than 11000 professional visitors and people in the field of material analysis laboratory, which greatly consolidated ciamite's position in the field of material research technology.

Ciamite.shanghai will be based in Shanghai and radiate the world, providing a one-stop service trade platform for the world's material research community in the fields of R & D, scientific research, trial production and testing. We strive to build a larger business platform where new ideas can bloom; professionals in the field of material research, material testing and material trial production can participate in various symposiums, symposiums and forums and pay attention to the latest industry solutions. Our goal is to make progress with China's material research industry, and to be a partner for enterprises in the field of material analysis and testing, laboratory technology and equipment to explore the Chinese market.

Exhibition advantages

Benchmarking exhibition in the field of material analysis and laboratory equipment in China, professional audience 10000 +

The strength and experience of successfully holding "series exhibitions and conferences in the field of material research" for more than 10 years, the user database accumulated by the industry, to ensure the effect of the exhibition

More than 200 stable exhibitors in the field of material research at home and abroad

Provide you with more than 20 professional conferences with the latest and most authoritative in the industry

Good brand effect, exhibition is the best way for Chinese material science and technology workers to understand the market dynamics of material analysis laboratory technology field at home and abroad

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